The Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods initiative of Indicus Foundation aims at, among other things, improved awareness of both state and individual initiatives. We do this through a combination of our fortnightly newsletter – The Unearth Bulletin, periodic publications and our annual report.

The Business of Doing (Informal) Business in India
The aim here is to provide an improved context to understand the business of doing informal business, not pure economic analyses. The report begins with a bird's eye view about employment scenario in India, followed by seven case studies, which leads to a few common features among them and finally concludes with a direction for the way forward.

Responsible Sports Advisory for Outdoor Physical Activity in India
As pollution levels have started soaring in the national capital, #MyRightToBreathe (MRTB), a citizens’ group raising awareness on the issue, released a set of protocols for outdoor activities for children in air pollution conditions, called Indian Child Activity Recommendations (ICARe). The protocols designed by US-based Dr Gita Sinha, a public health expert and Laveesh Bhandari, an environmental policy economist and Director of Indicus Foundation, aims to enable schools, childcare centres, event sponsors, families, sports clubs & stadiums and active citizens to rationally plan their children’s outdoor activities and help protect them from outdoor air pollution exposure.

Press Release


Emerging Employment Patterns of 21st Century India
This study has a single objective: to understand how employment patterns are changing in India since the beginning of the millennium.

Addressing India's Air Quality Challenge: Improving Knowledge, Communications and Institutions
This monograph discusses the gaps in our understanding related to the creation, measurement, impact of pollution and the various gaps that prevent the knowledge from contributing fully to well-informed action.

Fixing Delhi's Pollution: Report
The study highlights the several sources of air pollution in Delhi and the methods to tackle them, with specific focus on particulate matter (PM) pollution.

Report on Environment and Livelihoods (Expected Jan 2020)
This study reviews the key events and trends impacting sustainability. Stringing data and news analysis in an interdisciplinary setting, it seeks to analyse and report on the objective of sustainable livelihoods – the simultaneous achievement of environment and employment goals. The report shall state key environmental indicators from respected sources and how they have changed, what needs to be better understood, and how policy changes are expected to impact each of the indicators. The main aim is to make very specific the strong link between environment and livelihood sustainability.

The Unearth Bulletin
Our fortnightly bulletin on selected news from the sustainable environment domain. Actions by individuals, communities, industry, civil society and governments towards a better environment are shared.

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