Indicus Foundation

Indicus Foundation is a change-maker in the environment and sustainable livelihoods domain. We work with stakeholders, thought-leaders and implementers, planners and managers, technocrats and administrators, to help close the knowledge, skill, financial and institutional gaps that prevent change

We catalyze change through a three-pronged approach: Better monitoring, greater knowledge, and improved awareness. This is set within the framework of sustainable and inclusive growth.

With these improved informational inputs we seek to enable a well-informed dialogue towards employment generating and environmentally sustainable policies.



We seek to catalyse change through a range of activities aimed at creating common interactive spaces, where activists, policymakers, implementers and change-makers can have a well-informeddialogue. These activities include improving awareness on the environment, greater and more precise monitoring,and improved accessibility of data.

We hold workshops and seminars, have regular and periodic publications, and help facilitate research. The orientation is to bring together experts and change-makers from different disciplines for a common cause of environment and sustainable livelihoods.

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