About the Roundtable

This roundtable was conducted on 16th November 2019 at the India Habitat Centre.
The key issues discussed were planners’ challenges and ways to address them, in The resulting takeaways were comprehensive understanding about ____. For more details, please check complete report here.


Aditya Prasad, Practicing Attorney - Ravi Sankaran Fellow
Amrita Bahl - Care for Air
Dunu Roy - Hazards Centre
Faiyaz Khudsar - Yamuna Biodiversity Park
Meenakshi Dhote - School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
Meenakshi Nath - Delhi Trees SOS
Nikhil Dhar - Artemisia
Rashi Mahindru - Aman Foundation
Ravi Kaimal - Kaimal Chatterjee & Associates
Sanjay Upadhyay - Enviro Legal Defence Firm
Vijay Dhasmana - I Am Gurgaon

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