Better buses can curb pollution

Why do Pune residents don’t like their buses?
Buses are typically considered to be an inferior service in India for a very good set of reasons – badly maintained, poorly driven, horribly designed, traversing Indian urban roads with great indiscipline, who would want to travel in these animals? Pune is an example where much effort has yielded little result in terms of ridership.


Diesel use down by 16%, Delhi used cleaner fuels more in 2016

Why is Diesel Consumption falling? And does it matter much?
This is being welcomed by many, and various arguments are being given ranging from improved awareness to rising costs, etc. However, the data suggest something worse is happening. And even if Diesel goes down, Delhi’s roads are going to be jammed even more. Over a four year period, 3 and 4 wheeled taxis have grown by 90%, while private vehicles are also growing at a rate much higher than population growth.


Government's e-car dream could soon face a challenge it can't overcome

Lobbies work hard against electric Cars.
It is rarely a good idea for the government to specify a technology, it is always better to specify an outcome. By committing to electric cars, the government may not have considered the great potential of Hydrogen powered or CNG powered vehicles.


Want to save 30% on fuel costs? Altigreen holds the key

Improving fuel efficiency smartly.
This start-up captures the energy wasted due to India’s chaotic driving conditions, stores it and makes it available when required. Net saving can be around 30 percent. While the government works at incorporating Methanol in fuel to reduce petroleum imports, this start-up ensures improved efficiency. Perhaps the government could first use this technology in all its vehicle.


Old power plants: A lifeline for power generating equipment sector

About half the country’s power plants are more than 25 years old.
Then why should we retain or invest in them?  The depreciated value of these units is close to zero. An ideal time for the government to start afresh with old units converted to natural or biogas based power. In one go more than 30% of the country’s coal capacity would be converted to environmentally, and public health-friendly source of energy.


Solar's Bright Future Is Further Away Than It Seems

Here comes the sun, but there’s a delay.
A tightly written article on the status of solar power in India and even globally.  There is a natural limit to how much solar power is economically feasible given current technologies.  Either storage technologies in the form of better and cheaper lithium ion batteries, or superior collection technologies such as orbital satellite-based are needed.


India's Ongoing Power Generation Course Correction

Finally a comprehensive piece on India’s power scenario – for the reader with time on her hands.

Government Actions this week


Identify areas to store stubble: NGT to States

Crop burning solutions difficult to implement.
The National Green Tribunal is asking states to find places where they can store the stubble. The judiciary should avoid venturing into the implementation of its decisions, or it will become susceptible to the same forces that have weakened the bureaucracy. Having said that, collecting and storing stubble at large centralized locations appears to be a bad idea, but perhaps the NGT has given it more thought than this author.


Silence on thermal plants

Thermal power silence.
Is something brewing in the thermal power space that the government is not sharing? Whatever it is, the silence of the government is quite surprising where coal power is concerned. But the pressure is building and dirty coal power cannot survive for long.


Pharma associations bribes village heads to calm villagers over pollution

Immoral businesses corrupt local government.
Local government functionaries in a village are being accused of corrupt behaviour to allow businesses in their vicinity to pollute. The positive part of this story is that such behaviour was identified and news about it was spread widely.

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