Government Actions this week


BS-VI: Delhi to get clean fuel two years early

The government is finally getting its act together, moving to the faster introduction of low sulphur fuels will reduce PM levels more than banning diesel vehicles.   An important recommendation in the Indicus Report is now being implemented.


Stubble burning an economic issue that needs real solution

Punjab’s CM explains stubble burning.
As Delhi chokes up, Punjab’s CM identifies the key causes and the possible way out of the stubble burning problem.  A must read for a largely informed and mostly unbiased take on the problem.


Alternatives available, but industries oppose fuel ban

Industries addicted to polluting fuels ask for more time.
No one took the warnings seriously, and when Delhi smogged up once again, the courts had no option but to mandate a quick response from polluters.  But they are not ready nor capable to respond so fast.  Read to understand how things get delayed in India when government functionaries do not enforce or act in time.


As Delhi struggles with smog, Nitin Gadkari seeks research

Surface Transport Minister asks his officers to take action.
It is now apparent that construction of public works and road building lead to significant dust-related pollution.  The solution lies in quickly covering up the dug parts, moisturizing and covering the open soil, and other such practices.  But are the officers up to it?  Who will bear these costs?  Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see a minister not pointing fingers at others.


IREDA Continues High Pace of Lending Even as Bad Loans Rise

Is India moving too rapidly into solar?
With every good news, there is always a possibility of a hidden shadow, and this is one such related to renewable energy in India.  Massive NPAs are being alluded to related to this sector if true, corrective action needs to be taken immediately for the long-term success of renewable energy in India.



India’s effort in renewable energy led to drop in solar price: US Senator

American senator assigns solar price drop to India.
India’s rapid increase in solar power has contributed to a significant drop in solar power prices.  And this is being noticed globally.  Can India sustain this momentum?  We don’t know, but good to know that some positive developments are occurring and being noticed the world over.


Bloomberg Gives $50 Million to Aid Shift from Coal Worldwide

The rich can save the world.
It may be a small amount for the billionaire politician-entrepreneur, but a welcome step.  When Michael Bloomberg allocates USD 50 million to catalyse the shift away from coal it has an impact, as much for the financial resources as the fact that a successful politician-businessman is putting his money where his mouth is.  We await others from India to follow.


'Jal samadhi' ritual sinks clean Ganga drive in Haridwar

Time honoured tradition and pollution.
Sadhus have been known to attain Samadhi in the Ganga.  While accepted and valued by society at large, the practice also pollutes the holy river via rotting bodies of the holy men.  One of those things that modern India does not know how to deal with.


Can Co-Firing Biomass With Coal Help Meet International Climate Goals?

Poland experiments with biomass in coal power plants.
Use of biomass in coal power plants by mixing the two fuels can achieve some benefits.  However, it requires experimentation and analysis and mid-course correction as the introduction of any new technology does.  There is much that India can learn. 

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