Warren Buffett says he's got a 'big appetite' for a solar or wind project

Warren Buffet is ready to enter the environment space – readying an entry into wind or solar power.
The future of a country is known by whether people are entering or exiting, and that of an industry from whether people are investing or divesting. The energy story is clear to all, when will Indian politicians and PSE managers realize the obvious?


BHEL excluded from Wealth Fund on Environment Risk

A coal plant is being built in the Sunderbans, among the most delicate environmental zones in India. And the machinery is being manufactured by BHEL. So the Norwegian wealth fund refused to invest in it.


EU pollutant limits threaten large coal power plants

It is likely that much of coal power plants will be closed by 2021 as alternate sources such as Natural Gas are cheaper.
The important part of this is the planning ahead for movement away from coal. Not simply governments and regulators, but even coal power companies in Europe are looking at the coal-free world.

Government Actions this week


Noida and Greater Noida to get wind power soon

Windmill energy is now going to feed NOIDA, as per an agreement between the government and PVVNL a UP state public sector company.
While bipartite agreements enable rapid responses to changing conditions, a longer term process would be better enabled under a market based regime.  


Crop fires reduced, Delhi air quality better this year

Delhi has been surprisingly less polluted this year? Why? Has the crop burning ban helped? Or is it the heat?
Despite the poor levels of Delhi’s Air Quality Index there is no doubt it has improved since last year. Reduction in crop burning is one reason, elevated temperatures and winds are another.


India Doubled Solar Power Capacity in 2016-17, but still Missed the Target

Indian solar expansion has been rapid, but our targets are even more aggressive, will India manage it?
Probably not, government incentives and mandates of minimum purchase criteria can only go so far. The problem is that Indian power utilities are not used to paying up in time, and solar capacity funding is highly dependent on timely payments.


On Rajasthan-Haryana border, car pollution checks on push carts

Pollution checks are an attractive policy response to the plying of polluting vehicles. But can they work in India?
Small time cart driven entrepreneurs are providing low cost -pollution check free certification on the Haryana Rajasthan border. This is unethical but obvious given the poor ability of state governments to police such activity.


India's proposed 370 coal plants could imperil global climate goals

India has become the world’s favourite environment scoundrel, and how mis-information spreads. There is no way India will build that many plants.
370 coal plants on the anvil, and hundreds of dirty ones already running full steam, that’s what these stories would have us believe. Half-truths will not help the cause of environment. While India may have planned many coal power plants, few will eventually materialize.  
The Future


The future of green energy

Energy is available to be tapped in many different ways. A spate of pilots are showing a host of new avenues, including power from the seas.
As investment enters the new technology renewable energy sector, not only are costs falling rapidly but new avenues opening up. These include cold fusion, tidal power, biomass not to mention improved solar and wind technologies. Read to get a glimpse into the future of energy.


The Six Advantages of Imposing a Harmonised Carbon Tax

Carbon tax on energy can provide a much better mechanism for rewarding clean energy than source and technology specific policies.
It is time for India to start thinking of a universal carbon tax regime in the energy sector. It may be difficult to implement, but not more than VAT or GST. Read on for what the carbon tax entails.

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