This Air Purifier uses your ceiling fan to purify air, costs only Rs 3000!

Lifetree, a Kolkata-based start-up has just come up with a room purifier called Lily which connects with your existing bedroom fan. 


a nasal aid that can actually filter pollutants in the air

Delhi is the most polluted city on earth, as per WHO. At a worrying time like this, a research team at IIT Delhi is trying to come to the rescue of Indians who are largely ignorant of the poison they are breathing everyday.


This is Tata's vision of converting Indian metros into smart cities

At the recent unveiling of its new range of low-emission, production-ready buses, Tata’s pledge was not merely about adding new technology to its portfolio, but push for cleaner, smarter cities.


Bandaging tree branches with the aim to help environment

The project is the brainchild of a Mumbai-based couple Kislay and Sheena Vora, as part of which, Vora and his team go around the city and bandage tree branches.


China Plans To Build Its First Forest City To Fight Air Pollution

China is in the middle of an air pollution crisis and it is fighting it hard with a forest skyscraper and a forest city.


Sand-filled trucks face roadblock by residents

Locals of Kirkatwadi, Nanded villages hold up overloaded vehicles for littering, adding to the woes of commuters on Sinhagad Road; allege complaints made to the gram panchayat and transport authorities fell on deaf ears.


How a 68-year-old retired scientist is helping India fight climate change!

Dr Babu Rao Kalapala, a retired senior scientist, is helping rural India fight climate change by empowering them with information.



Chandigarh to incorporate environmental friendly measures in building bylaw

Housing projects and big buildings will not have to take environmental clearance as the UT department of environment has asked the architect department to incorporate environmental conditions framed by the Union ministry of environment in the existing building bylaws.


Electric vehicles for commercial use may not require permits

The government, in partnership with taxi aggregator Ola, is introducing a fleet of 300 electric cars in Nagpur to test the feasibility of electric taxis in the country.


Railways’ Ro-Ro to unclog Delhi roads

Indian Railways will roll out a new scheme which will help in decongesting Delhi’s traffic and lowering its pollution levels by transporting thousands of commercial trucks by rail so that they will not have to cross the national Capital on way to their respective destinations.

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