OK Play ventures into electric two-wheelers

We now have an Indian electric two wheeler company that also uses recycled plastic. Is this the start of a new environmentally friendly industry? The prediction is, within a few years, two wheelers globally will become largely electronic.


DU college turns eco-friendly with effluent treatment unit

Rarely do we see, India’s mostly ill funded educational institutions taking environmentally friendly actions, and involving students to boot. But Dayal Singh College of Delhi University has done just that.


Tel Aviv's trash is being turned into fuel

Meanwhile Israel is following Sweden’s strategy of burning the trash, achieving two objectives – no trash build-up in landfills and getting some cleaner energy. Can this be an option for India? Possibly.


Ireland the world's first country to stop investing in fossil fuels

Ireland stops using fossil fuels! The way this sector is moving, it is only a matter of time before more countries globally will be following.

Government Actions this week


Clearing the air in India and China

While China grapples with its coal induced pollution, India has not even started yet. Both countries are now realizing with the huge unseen costs of following a low cost dirty fuel strategy. In India the coal ecosystem is dominated by the Central Public Sector enterprises, and so it can easily overtake China in the cleanup process.


DPCB to give licence for e-waste handling factories

Meanwhile sensible policy allows e-waste handling units to come up in Delhi. E-waste handling essentially involves dismantling electronic goods for recycling elsewhere. Not only are they environment friendly, they also generate employment. A rare win-win industry.


Delhiites may soon have to pay traffic congestion tax

A futuristic sounding policy, but much needed one, is being put in place for Delhi. Electronic prepaid automobile cards that automatically deduct fees for venturing in high concentration places. Good idea, can it be implemented. Delhi’s traffic continues to worsen, and the government has no option but to make private vehicle use more expensive.


Units Get 6-Month Window To Obtain Environmental Clearance

Is this good policy, the government has given a 6 month leeway for new units to get environmental clearance. Good policy should always be flexible, but only so much.


Dhabas to feel heat for cooking in coal fire

This is a classic example of bad environment policy. Bhubaneswar is closing coal using Dhabas. These eateries are important employment generators, and important suppliers of food to low income citizens. Good environment policy is only sustainable if the large majority of Indians are not harmed by it. It would be better to provide better low cost options to such dhaba’s rather than close them down.


MPCB sets stringent rules for marriage halls

Pune, among the better managed large cities of India, is imposing stringent norms on both sound and sewage emanating from marriage halls. As such regulation is implemented, the bandwidth of the local bodies would also need to be improved. Otherwise it will only lead to corruption and inspector Raj.

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