Ghatkopar teen to take his e-waste initiative to other states

A Ghatkopar child suffering from dumped battery fumes takes matters in his own hands. His action spreads across the city and now to other states.
Batteries are perhaps the most polluting substances – their fumes escape into the atmosphere, acid leaches into the subsoil and into the underground water aquifers, and heavy metals and multiple toxins seriously impact lives.


Elon Musk in Talks to Bring Electric Cars to India

Elon Musk tweets that he is in talks with the Indian government to get electric Cars into India.
Should India loosen its tight taxation and automobile import regime? As much as we would like to see Tesla in India, it is not clear whether the right time is now. If Tesla had a low cost mass usage car, then perhaps an ad-hoc customs tax relief could be envisaged. But given Tesla’s high-end offerings, would special relief to a luxury product company be acceptable to India? There is no black and white answer here.


For coal miners transition to renewables has real consequences

What is the US doing about the job losses in coal mining? Not much, neither is India.
India has about 4-5 lakh formal and informal coal miners, and coal mining job losses will happen. Rather than delays the move away from coal, it would be better to let change happen and plan for protecting the miners.


Supermarket and airport go solar in Finland

Another Scandinavian country has taken another crucial step – an airport that is fully solar.
Soon there will be a time when all public spaces become solar only, and what we are seeing today is the beginning of a massive storm – the gale of creative destruction is playing out.

Government Actions this week


Chinese plant to provide solar energy in Andhra

The Chinese are doing in AP what they are exceptionally good at i.e., putting up large energy projects fast.
This largest solar plant will supply power to seven lakh households barely a few months after commissioning. Hand it over to low cost Chinese efficiency. Hopefully Indian managers will pick up a few things on timely efficient project implementation.


Why India’s clean city rankings need a serious rethink!

Read about the city ratings? Indore cleanest city in India? Who is doing this stuff.
Rankings and ratings motivate the laggard cities to follow by introducing a competitive element. But someone quite incapable designed and implemented this, an important exercise became a laughing stock. Now we would want Trivandrum and Shimla or Chandigarh and Gangtok to follow Surat and Indore! 


India Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars by 2030

India plans to sell only electric cars by 2030- know all facts and fiction connected with this announcement.
As this article says, many myths have been propagated on India’s electric only journey. And I have also fallen for them, but this article puts everything together neatly and crisply.


Nevada reinstates key solar energy policy

The US state of Nevada got scared of solar power a couple of years back. But the attraction of job creation favours a more beneficent solar power regime.
Solar power creates jobs as it works even on small scales – building and construction, and maintenance related job losses forced Nevada to have a more solar friendly policy. Jobs not the climate is behind Nevada’s latest actions. 


VW Asked To Build EV Charging Stations In Poorer Communities

California is pushing VW to build electric vehicle charging stations in poorer communities.
Electric vehicle manufacturers would love to just sell their vehicles, and who wants to spend money on infrastructure in low income neighbourhoods? That’s where good policy comes in. A combination of regulation and moral pressure can achieve a lot.  


TN interested on low floor electric vehicle buses

Tamil Nadu is preparing for a large bus order for electric buses and Ashok Leyland seems to have the upper hand.
A public transport service based one electric buses has many advantages, but needs a very different maintenance and upkeep regime than what transport departments are used to.  

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