Plastic-eating fungus may solve garbage problem

This is a development India has been waiting for. Fungus that eats plastic. So if this technology succeeds, all we need to do is, spray India’s garbage dumps with this fungus and wait for the magic to happen. Does sound too good to be true. As an aside, wonder who would consume the plastic imbued fungus? Would the fungus be biodegradable? Watch this space for more.


Bosch working on tech to make BS-VI vehicles

Bosch is worried about 2020 when Indian vehicles will have to use Euro VI compatible technologies, but on our roads where average vehicle speeds are a fifth. Obviously, engine parameters would defer and so would emissions. Trust the Germanic mind to think so far ahead.


Oxygen Bombs to Clean Delhi-NCR's Air

An NGO out of NCR is giving plants to fight pollution. The range is great, and plants score high on aesthetics and psychological wellbeing as well. However, a few plants cannot generate enough oxygen for a single person, nor can they clean up particulate matter - India’s major pollutant. But plants are also a constant and pleasant reminder to each of us. Go ahead get one.


Hyderabad Firm Comes Out With India's First Rooftop Wind Turbine

A firm out of Hyderabad is going to supply neat looking windmills for homes. These micro windmills will ease out households’ power burden and have low operating costs. Micro windmills are available globally, technologies are more or less standardized. It is time Indian SMEs got into the act as well.


Mt Abu boasts of a solar plant that delivers power on demand!

Nice small innovation, one among the hundreds occurring in the country. This one is about availing of power as and when you want it in a region known for its rarefied power supply. The hope is very soon one of these innovations would be assimilated into the mainstream power supply regime.

Government Actions this week


EPCA moves SC against sale of BS-IV vehicles beyond 1 April 2020

India is rapidly scaling up its renewable capacities, and the NDA governments proactive role has to be appreciated, the bulk of this capacity is in smaller units. Increasingly such small units can deliver power at low cost, and costs and scales are only expected to fall further. Time for the government to either convert its power supply companies to power purchase companies, or take other actions to purchase power from households and SMEs and not just supply to them.


Power Grid eyes electric vehicle play

Another PSE company seems to be all excited about electric battery driven vehicles – the Power Grid Corp, an electricity distribution monopoly. Power demand varies dramatically and charging of batteries can help balance the power demand. In theory all good, but as a business large PSEs are not inherently built for this. It would be better if the Power Grid licences small business to do this, rather than do itself.


Delhi Solar Policy plans to solve energy crisis

Another policy document on solar power has been made public, and now the Delhi government wants to get into the act of promoting solar power use by households as well as institutions. Increasingly governments are promising much more than they are resourced to provide. Neither do they have the skills or the financial resources to make such promises achievable.


ISRO to share technology for manufacturing Lithium-ion batteri for vehicles

BHEL is apparently signing up to make Lithium Ion batteries, that ISRO developed the technology for. Such a move could also be categorized under the avoidable category. To make any new product successful good technology is only 20-30 percent of the task. The rest is all implementation, ecosystem changes, product targeting etc. and this is even more difficult in the B2C space. Something the public sector is quite bad at. Thankfully the government is also considering sharing the same technology to the private sector.

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