Indicus Foundation

Indicus Foundation is a change catalyst that works for sustainable and inclusive progress. Inclusion, sustainable environment, and cultural progress all contribute to all round human progress. Therefore both governments and markets need to be sensitive to these objectives. Indicus Foundation seeks to bring about change where minimum government intervention can enable both, superior livelihoods and superior lifestyles, for all. The Foundation works in three areas of improvement:

  • Monitoring, knowledge and awareness
  • Interaction and Consensus Building
  • Decision-making & Conflict Resolution


Indicus Centre for Financial Inclusion

One of the most prominent works of the Foundation is in the area of financial inclusion, under the aegis of the Indicus Centre of Financial Inclusion.  A good regulatory environment can ensure a cooperative yet competitive solution to the challenge of making digital payment mechanisms and credit accessible to the masses.  Rather than blind advocacy, the Centre brings together bankers, telecom firms, regulators and the bureaucracy to openly share their views and concerns with each other.  This interaction brings out many small and big ideas for systemic change.


The Delhi Environment Platform

The Delhi Environment Platform (Dilli Swacchata Manch) seeks to bring about measureable improvement in Delhi’s urban environment within two years. It seeks to bring together the needs of the population with the abilities of the government in ensuring good livelihoods and healthy lives universally.

A sequence of research studies, workshops and seminars, and field projects are ongoing or at planning stage with research institutions, industry, and stakeholders. These partnerships are a part of the foundations efforts on bringing diverse interest groups together for a common cause.

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